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Cryptomaniac Signal Pro

No. # 1 Best Cryptocurrencies Signal Apps, accurate and appropriately equipped with a sound notification. Makes you just like having a personal assistant trader, are supported by a team of experienced traders and traders community groups Indonesia.

Cryptomaniac is an application that gives you information the most accurate cryptocurrency signals, information related news about cryptocurrency, the service record of the portfolio, and other services.

Cryptomaniac Academy

Cryptomaniac Academy is a pioneer of digital courses around cryptocurrency trading through mobile applications. All the secrets of successful cryptocurrency trading we teach you: arbitration, technical analysis, and much more!

Cryptomaniac Academy is filled with dedicated instructors who have experienced in the world of cryptocurrency trading and teaching in various seminars & workshops both at home and abroad.


Cryptomaniac Robot AI

CM ROBOT AI is an AUTOMATIC CRYPTO TRADING ROBOT with artificial intelligence that can give profit automatically from trading, 24hours/7days from your smartphone.

Enjoy the trading experience and profit sensation, directly from your mobile. No need for trading skill, no need to be on a laptop, no need to keep on even on mobile, because our system is trading directly, you just need to check how much profit you get at any time from your smartphone.

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